Federal Council aims to enshrine resource efficiency in the Constitution

The Federal Council has submitted in January a counterproposal to the initiative on food security. It focuses, inter alia, on food production that respects resource efficiency, and on more sustainable consumption.

In mid-January 2015, the Federal Council submitted a counterproposal to the Swiss Farmers' Union’s popular initiative on food security. Whereas the initiative aims at ensuring Switzerland's food supply by indigenous production above all, the counterproposal focuses on the interconnections between five central aspects. On the one hand, the agricultural area, which represents the root of food production, should be secured. On the other hand, the Federal Council wants to ensure access to international agricultural markets, and wishes to maintain the competitiveness of the Swiss land and food economy.

Sustainable management of production and consumption

Furthermore, the government lays great emphasis on the sustainable use of resources, during production and consumption. Within ecological limitations, the potential of indigenous production must be exploited more effectively, while improving resource efficiency and reducing emissions at the same time. On the consumer side, the demand for sustainable products should increase and food losses, as well as food waste, should decrease. The consultation procedure on the counterproposal to the initiative on food security will last until 14 April 2015.