Switzerland to head Sustainable Food Systems Programme

Switzerland is to take the co-lead of the UN-launched Sustainable Food Systems Programme. The goal of this international initiative is to bring various stakeholders together and provide the capabilities needed to build food systems that are more sustainable.

Food production and consumption place a considerable strain on natural resources. In order to meet the United Nations' sustainable development goals, food systems also need to be changed. The Sustainable Food Systems Programme (SFSP) launched by the UN is aimed at accelerating the shift towards more sustainable consumption and production patterns. In October 2015, Switzerland was tasked with co-leading this international initiative together with South Africa and the Dutch development cooperation agency Hivos. The programme’s objective is to bring together various international organisations, governments and stakeholders from industry and other areas of society. Capabilities will be developed to build food systems that are more sustainable and to raise public awareness of the need to do so. The SFSP will be implemented in the West and in developing countries over the next seven years. The Federal Office for Agriculture has been mandated to assume Switzerland’s co-leadership role.