The National Research Programme "Healthy nutrition and sustainable food production" (NRP 69) investigates the link between today’s predominant diseases and nutrition. It develops scientific bases and practical approaches to promote public health through diet and at the same time to make the food production chain more sustainable.

One of the greatest global challenges of the 21st century will be satisfying the growing demand for food as available resources such as land, energy and water become scarce. This will be paralleled by another challenge, the rise in chronic and degenerative diseases, of which a large part is diet-related.

To transform food systems, the National Research Programme "Healthy nutrition and sustainable food production" (NRP 69) pursues a transdisciplinary approach. The programme is designed to help reduce the boundaries between the research fields of nutrition, public health and agronomy and thus to improve the food system as a whole.

The NRP 69 investigates the connection between sustainable food production and public health. This involves addressing three key questions:

  • How can the Swiss population be encouraged to eat healthily?
  • How can products that are healthy and fit for consumption be made available at affordable prices?
  • How can the production, processing and distribution of food be managed effectively with the least possible impact on the environment?

Most research projects focus on one of the three questions. Some of them, with a more interdisciplinary approach, are working on several key issues. The three approved projects of the second research phase investigate the entire food chain from agricultural production through to the consumer.

The research programme intends to provide knowledge bases beneficial to the development of a sustainable food production chain and the promotion of a healthy diet. The results of the NRP 69 should also make a contribution to current and future reform processes of the Swiss agricultural and nutritional sector.

The NRP 69 will operate as a cooperation between the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) and the Commission for Technology and Innovation (KTI-CTI).