Workshop with NRP 69 researchers: National food losses reduction strategy

Twenty-two NRP 69 research projects are nearing their end. We invite you to learn about their results in three workshops led by researchers. Practical solutions to encourage healthy eating and to make the food production chain more sustainable will be discussed.

Start16.11.2017 12:30
End16.11.2017 16:30
VenueSwiss National Science Foundation, Wildhainweg 21, 3001 Bern
Registration deadline16.11.2017

Switzerland has a poor record in regards to food losses: around 30 percent of its food production and imports, the equivalent of 2 million tons, is lost from field to fork every year. During this workshop, we will propose loss mitigation techniques, from natural preservatives to new types of packaging and better knowledge of bacteriological risks. Together with the stakeholders, we will develop a comprehensive strategy for food waste reduction in Switzerland.