Recommendations for sustainable and healthy diets

How can we achieve a healthy and sustainable diet? The interdisciplinary project is looking for answers to these questions based on different scenarios of how eating habits among the Swiss population could develop until 2050. It will analyse how diets impact on public health and sustainability. By making recommendations, the project will contribute to lowering environmental and social costs as well as public health expenses.

  • Background (completed research project)

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    Our eating habits have far-reaching consequences for our way of life: the ways in which food is produced, processed and consumed affects the environment, the economy and society as a whole. At the same time, many common illnesses are linked to nutrition. For these reasons, sustainability and health will be important factors in future diets. The interdisciplinary research project analyses synergies and trade-offs between these two areas. It presents different scenarios and proposes strategies to make nutrition in Switzerland healthier and more sustainable.

  • Aim

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    The study analyses how the eating habits of the Swiss population affect the environment, the economy, society, and public health. The interdisciplinary research team will:

    • highlight the eating habits of the Swiss population and their consequences in terms of public health on the basis of a statistical analysis.
    • anticipate possible diets in 2050 based on different scenarios and assess them in terms of sustainability and health.
    • test in an integrated model how measures such as information campaigns, regulations or taxation influence public health and the sustainability of nutrition.

    Based on the results, the researchers will provide recommendations to specific target groups involved in shaping sustainable and healthy nutrition.

  • Relevance

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    The project adopts a new holistic approach in assessing the impact of nutrition on the environment, the economy and society at home and abroad, and on public health in Switzerland. The researchers are investigating how eating habits could develop and the possible consequences until 2050. Based on different scenarios, they will identify synergies and trade-offs between sustainability and public health. By submitting recommendations to decision-makers and consumers, the project will contribute to reducing diet-related environmental, social and health costs.

  • Original title

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    Sustainable and healthy diets: Trade-offs and synergies

    • Grant: CHF 875,448
    • Duration: 24 months