Testing the effects of nutrition by simulator

The simulator can be used to test the effects of an adapted diet on health and the environment.

The website www.healthyandsustainable.ch makes the results and recommendations of NRP 69 accessible to a broad public.

As part of the knowledge transfer process, the results and recommendations of the National Research Programme “Healthy Nutrition and Sustainable Food Production” (NRP 69) were translated into a format suitable for a broad public. The website www.healthyandsustainable.chExternal Link Icon provides various information resources. In addition to short videos, podcasts and summaries of each project, these include an interactive simulator.

With the aid of the online tool, consumers can test how changing their diet in various ways will affect their health and the environment. By how much will environmental pollution be reduced if we waste less food? What effect does eating less meat have on health? Are organic products better for the environment? The various alternatives supply answers to these questions. The possible adaptations are based on models evaluated during the NRP 69 project “Diets of the future” and developed in partnership with the Swiss Society for Nutrition (SGE). The SGE also provides fact sheets with suggestions for a sustainable and balanced diet.